CPAN::Plugin(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide CPAN::Plugin(3p)

CPAN::Plugin - Base class for CPAN shell extensions

   package CPAN::Plugin::Flurb;
   use parent 'CPAN::Plugin';
   sub post_test {
     my ($self, $distribution_object) = @_;
     $self = $self->new (distribution_object => $distribution_object);

The plugin system in the CPAN shell was introduced in version 2.07 and is still considered experimental.

See "Plugin support" in CPAN.

returns list of packages given plugin requires for functionality. This list is evaluated using "CPAN->use_inst" method.

Get current distribution object.

Simple delegatees for misc parameters derived from distribution

Predicate to detect whether package contains XS.

Branislav Zahradnik <>

2019-12-30 perl v5.36.3