EVP_SM4_CBC(3) Library Functions Manual EVP_SM4_CBC(3)

EVP_sm4_cbc, EVP_sm4_ecb, EVP_sm4_cfb, EVP_sm4_cfb128, EVP_sm4_ofb, EVP_sm4_ctrEVP SM4 cipher

#include <openssl/evp.h>

const EVP_CIPHER *

const EVP_CIPHER *

const EVP_CIPHER *

const EVP_CIPHER *

const EVP_CIPHER *

const EVP_CIPHER *

These functions provide the SM4 blockcipher in the evp(3) framework.

All modes use a key length of 128 bits and act on blocks of 128 bits.

() is an alias for (), implemented as a macro.

With an argument of "sm4" or "SM4", EVP_get_cipherbyname(3) returns ().

These functions return an EVP_CIPHER structure that provides the implementation of the symmetric cipher.

evp(3), EVP_EncryptInit(3)

Information security technology - SM4 block cipher algorithm, National Standards of People's Republic of China, GB/T 32907-2016, August 29, 2016.

These functions appeared in OpenSSL 1.1.1 and have been available since OpenBSD 6.5.

November 16, 2023 OpenBSD 7.5