OpenBSD::Getopt(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide OpenBSD::Getopt(3p)

OpenBSD::Getopt - Process single-characters switches

   use OpenBSD::Getopt;
   my $h = { 'v' =>
            sub() {
   getopts('oifv:', $h);

This is similar to getopt(3). One call to "getopts($optstring, $h)" parses all the options using the $optstring as a list of simple switches (letter) and switches with arguments (letter followed by ":").

Option values are written into the hash $h. Contrary to getopt(3), "$h->{v}" is incremented each time the switch is seen, to allow for stuff like "-vv".

Alternately, a code ref can be put into the hash for a given switch. When a switch is seen, the sub $foo is called as "&$foo()" for a simple switch and as "&$foo(option_value)" for a switch with argument.

2023-05-21 perl v5.36.3