OpenBSD::Mtree(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide OpenBSD::Mtree(3p)

OpenBSD::Mtree - simple "mtree(8)" spec parser

    use OpenBSD::Mtree;
    my %hier;
    OpenBSD::Mtree::parse(\%hier, "/", "/etc/mtree/4.4BSD.dist", $extra);

"OpenBSD::Mtree" is a parser for mtree(8) specifications that can reconstruct directory hierarchies.

The basic function "OpenBSD::Mtree::parse_fh(\%hash, $basedir, $fh, $extra)" will populate the hash $hash with defined entries for each directory seen while reading from $fh, assuming the specification is to be interpreted relative to $basedir (some canonicalization of directory names will occur).

If $extra is non null, each entry will itself be an empty hash.

"OpenBSD::Mtree:parse(\%hash, $basedir, $filename, $extra)" is a convenience function which also handles opening the filehandle from $filename and closing it after reading the specification.

2023-05-16 perl v5.36.3