OpenBSD::PkgSpec(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide OpenBSD::PkgSpec(3p)

OpenBSD::PkgSpec - "packages-specs(7)" handling

   use OpenBSD::Search; # which pulls in OpenBSD::PkgSpec when needed
   my $spec = OpenBSD::Search::PkgSpec->new($pattern);
   @sublist = $spec->filter(@list);

"OpenBSD::PkgSpec" is the canonical interface to "packages-specs(7)" handling.

A package specification $pattern is a string that can be used to extract matching package names from a @list. The resulting list @sublist will only hold the package names that match the specification.

For performance reason, the result may contain duplicates.

Note that any pattern will create a "PkgSpec" object. If the syntax is incorrect, the resulting object won't match anything. Use "$spec->is_valid" to check for correctness.

2020-12-20 perl v5.36.3