OpenBSD::Search(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide OpenBSD::Search(3p)

OpenBSD::Search - package names matching framework

   use OpenBSD::Search;
   # pkgspec objects
   my $search_object = OpenBSD::Search::PkgSpec->new($pattern);
   my $filter_object = OpenBSD::Search::Filter->keep_most_recent;
   # need repository to apply to
   use OpenBSD::PackageRepository::Installed;
   my $inst = OpenBSD::PackageRepository::Installed->new;
   my $list_ref = $inst->match_locations($search_object, $filter_object);

"OpenBSD::Search" provides a search infrastructure for "OpenBSD::PackageRepository" objects.

A given repository can be searched for existing packages using "$repo->match_locations($search1, $filter1, ...);"

It returns a reference to a list of matching "OpenBSD::PackageLocation" objects.

A repository list can be searched in a similar way: the search proceeds through each repository in the list, and stops as soon as it finds a non-empty match (similar to "ld -L" rules).

The first search object $search is used to find the basic set of matching packages, and further objects are used to weed out unwanted elements from the list.

Complex searches must be built as lists of filter objects, in order to preserve RepositoryList semantics, and ensure the correct non-empty first match is returned.

The infrastructure provides the following objects:

"OpenBSD::PkgSpec" filters.
finds all packages with a given stem.
finds all packages including a partial stem.
filters package list through further tests.
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