PKCS7_GET_SIGNER_INFO(3) Library Functions Manual PKCS7_GET_SIGNER_INFO(3)

PKCS7_get_signer_inforetrieve signerInfos from a SignedData object

#include <openssl/pkcs7.h>

PKCS7_get_signer_info(PKCS7 *p7);

This function retrieves the set of SignerInfo structures from the signerInfos field of p7.

These can subsequently be manipulated with the functions documented in PKCS7_add_attribute(3).

PKCS7_get_signer_info() returns an internal pointer to a STACK_OF(PKCS7_SIGNER_INFO) object or NULL on failure. It fails if p7 is NULL, if it has no content, or if it is of a type other than SignedData or SignedAndEnvelopedData.

PKCS7_add_attribute(3), PKCS7_final(3), PKCS7_new(3), PKCS7_sign(3), PKCS7_sign_add_signer(3)

PKCS7_get_signer_info() first appeared in SSLeay 0.8.1 and has been available since OpenBSD 2.4.

June 10, 2020 OpenBSD 7.5