TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner(3p)

TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner - A no-op job.

Version 3.44

    use TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner;

A no-op job. Returned by "TAP::Parser::Scheduler" as an instruction to the harness to spin (keep executing tests) while the scheduler can't return a real job.


    my $job = TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner->new;

Ignores any arguments and returns a new "TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner" object.


Returns true indicating that is a 'spinner' job. Spinners are returned when the scheduler still has pending jobs but can't (because of locking) return one right now.

TAP::Parser::Scheduler, TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job

2023-02-15 perl v5.36.3