Test2::EventFacet::Plan(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide Test2::EventFacet::Plan(3p)

Test2::EventFacet::Plan - Facet for setting the plan

Events use this facet when they need to set the plan.

$string = $plan->{details}
$string = $plan->details()
Human readable explanation for the plan being set. This is normally not rendered by most formatters except when the "skip" field is also set.
$positive_int = $plan->{count}
$positive_int = $plan->count()
Set the number of expected assertions. This should usually be set to 0 when "skip" or "none" are also set.
$bool = $plan->{skip}
$bool = $plan->skip()
When true the entire test should be skipped. This is usually paired with an explanation in the "details" field, and a "control" facet that has "terminate" set to 0.
$bool = $plan->{none}
$bool = $plan->none()
This is mainly used by legacy Test::Builder tests which set the plan to "no plan", a construct that predates the much better "done_testing()".

If you are using this in non-legacy code you may need to reconsider the course of your life, maybe a hermitage would suite you?

The source code repository for Test2 can be found at http://github.com/Test-More/test-more/.

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