Unicode::Collate::CJK::Pinyin(3p) Perl Programmers Reference Guide Unicode::Collate::CJK::Pinyin(3p)

Unicode::Collate::CJK::Pinyin - weighting CJK Unified Ideographs for Unicode::Collate

    use Unicode::Collate;
    use Unicode::Collate::CJK::Pinyin;
    my $collator = Unicode::Collate->new(
        overrideCJK => \&Unicode::Collate::CJK::Pinyin::weightPinyin

"Unicode::Collate::CJK::Pinyin" provides "weightPinyin()", that is adequate for "overrideCJK" of "Unicode::Collate" and makes tailoring of CJK Unified Ideographs in the order of CLDR's pinyin ordering.

The pinyin ordering includes some characters that are not CJK Unified Ideographs and can't utilize "weightPinyin()" for collation. For them, use "entry" instead.

2023-02-15 perl v5.36.3