ARCOFI(4) Device Drivers Manual ARCOFI(4)

arcofiSiemens PSB2160 audio codec

arcofi* at gsc?
audio* at arcofi?

The arcofi driver supports the HP “Audio1” audio devices, based upon the Siemens PSB2160 “ARCOFI” codec, to implement the audio device interface described in audio(4).

This device is found onboard HP 9000 workstations models 425e, 705 and 710.

The arcofi is limited to a mono, 8000 KHz sound, either with 8-bit phone-quality mu-law or a-law samples, or 16-bit signed linear samples in big-endian byte order.

The following encodings are supported:

Natively supported.

Software converted to AUDIO_ENCODING_ULAW encoding.

Software converted to AUDIO_ENCODING_SLINEAR_BE encoding.

The arcofi has three audio ports:

The ‘line in’ jack connector.
The ‘line out’ jack connector.
The built-in speaker.

Each port has a volume control, and can be muted.

The outputs.line and outputs.spkr volume settings are tied to the same hardware setting.

ioctl(2), audio(4), gsc(4), intro(4), audioctl(8), mixerctl(8)

OpenBSD support for arcofi first appeared in OpenBSD 5.1.

April 22, 2020 OpenBSD 7.5