CHIO.CONF(5) File Formats Manual CHIO.CONF(5)

chio.confmedium changer configuration file

chio.conf is used to configure some aspects of chio(1), a medium changer.

The configuration file consists of a series of stanzas, one per changer, enclosed in curly braces. Empty lines and lines beginning with ‘#’ in either file are ignored.

The following aspects may be configured:

Provides a non-default mapping between st(4) devices and changer drives. For example, to map drive 0 to rst3 and drive 1 to rst2, for changer /dev/ch0:
changer ch0 {
	drive rst3
	drive rst2

Default changer device.
Default location for chio(1) configuration file.
Example configuration file.

chio(1), mt(1)

The chio.conf file format first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0.

February 10, 2020 OpenBSD 7.5