LOADFIRMWARE(9) Kernel Developer's Manual LOADFIRMWARE(9)

loadfirmwareload a firmware file from the filesystem

#include <sys/device.h>

loadfirmware(const char *filename, u_char **buf, size_t *buflen);

The () function loads a firmware from the file specified by filename in the directory /etc/firmware. Memory for the firmware is allocated using malloc(9) with type M_DEVBUF as need be, within a reasonable size limit.

If no longer needed, the firmware buffer buf can be freed using free(9) with type M_DEVBUF.

If successful, buf is set to point to the allocation and buflen is set to the size of the firmware. Then loadfirmware() returns 0. Otherwise, it returns an errno style error.

June 4, 2013 OpenBSD 7.5