BONITO(4) Device Drivers Manual (loongson) BONITO(4)

bonitomemory and PCI or PCI-X controller

bonito0 at mainbus0
pci0 at bonito?

The bonito driver supports both the Algorithmics Bonito64 memory and PCI controller on Loongson 2E-based systems, or the onboard memory and PCI-X controller found on Loongson 2F-based systems, which is a very close design, albeit not compatible with the original Bonito.

Differences between the two models of controllers are hidden at the bonito driver level.

The bonito driver also handles PCI interrupt routing; on systems featuring a glxpcib(4) PCI-ISA bridge to which legacy devices are connected, it will also handle legacy interrupts.

glxpcib(4), intro(4), mainbus(4), pci(4)

February 10, 2010 OpenBSD 7.5