NETSTART(8) System Manager's Manual NETSTART(8)

netstartnetwork startup script

sh /etc/netstart [-n] [interface ...]

netstart is a sh(1) script invoked by rc(8) during an automatic reboot and after single-user mode is exited; it performs network initialization.

netstart can also be used to start newly created interfaces. Its behaviour is controlled to some extent by variables defined in rc.conf(8).

During the system boot, netstart is executed. netstart performs the following operations, in the sequence given:

After the system is completely initialized, it is possible to start newly created interfaces or apply configuration from hostname.if(5) files to an existing interfaces.

The options are as follows:

Reports the steps that would be taken, without actually configuring anything.

multicast(4), defaultdomain(5), hostname.if(5), mygate(5), ifconfig(8), rc(8), rc.conf(8)

The netstart command first appeared in 4.0BSD.

October 25, 2022 OpenBSD 7.5