OCE(4) Device Drivers Manual OCE(4)

oceEmulex OneConnect 10Gb Ethernet device

oce* at pci?

The oce driver supports Emulex OneConnect 10Gb Ethernet adapters based on the BladeEngine 2, BladeEngine 3 and Lancer chipsets, including the following:

  • Emulex OCe11102 (SPF+/10GbaseSR or 10GbaseT)
  • Emulex OCe10102 (SPF+/10GbaseSR)
  • HP NC550M Flex-10 (10GbaseKR)
  • HP NC552M Flex-10 (10GbaseKR)
  • HP NC550SFP (SPF+/10GbaseSR)
  • HP NC552SFP (SPF+/10GbaseSR)
  • IBM System x 10GbE (SPF+/10GbaseSR)

arp(4), ifmedia(4), intro(4), netintro(4), pci(4), hostname.if(5), ifconfig(8)

The oce driver first appeared in OpenBSD 5.3.

The oce driver was written by Emulex and ported from FreeBSD by Mike Belopuhov.

January 28, 2018 OpenBSD 7.5