RKDRM(4) Device Drivers Manual RKDRM(4)

rkdrmRockchip DRM subsystem

rkdrm* at fdt?
drm* at rkdrm?
wsdisplay* at rkdrm?

The rkdrm driver provides kernel mode setting (KMS) functionality for the graphics hardware integrated on Rockchip SoCs.

drm(4), intro(4), rkanxdp(4), rkdwhdmi(4), rkvop(4)

The rkdrm device driver first appeared in OpenBSD 6.7.

The rkdrm driver was written by Jared D. McNeill for NetBSD and ported to OpenBSD by Patrick Wildt <patrick@blueri.se>.

March 4, 2020 OpenBSD 7.5