SNMPD_METRICS(8) System Manager's Manual SNMPD_METRICS(8)

snmpd_metricsexport snmpd MIB data

snmpd_metrics [-dv] [-C option] [-c context] [-s path]

snmpd_metrics exports the following (partial) MIBs via an AgentX compatible (snmp) daemon: HOST-RESOURCES-MIB, IF-MIB, OPENBSD-PF-MIB, OPENBSD-SENSORS-MIB, OPENBSD-CARP-MIB, OPENBSD-MEM-MIB, IP-MIB, IP-FORWARD-MIB, UCD-DISKIO-MIB, and BRIDGE-MIB.

The options are as follows:

Enable MIB-specific options. Currently only filter-routes is supported. If set ask the kernel to filter route update messages on the routing socket. Routing table information will not be available, but CPU use will be reduced during bulk updates.
The SNMPv3 context and can usually be omitted.
Do not daemonize and log to .
Connect to the AgentX master via path. It defaults to /var/agentx/master.
Produce more verbose output.

snmp(1), snmpd(8)

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Martijn van Duren <>
Joel Knight <>
Reyk Floeter <>

October 23, 2022 OpenBSD 7.5